Hang Nguyen- Classic/Volume Course
Hang Nguyen- Classic/Volume Course

Hang Nguyen- Classic/Volume Course

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Classic Eyelash extension

or Volume Eyelash extension course

Online theory + 1 day live practicing

By Trainer Hang Nguyen

Our Hang Nguyen Trainer's achievements:

-5/2019 Ultimate Lash & Brow Congress and Contest Live Competition: 

.Winner 3rd Place 2-3D volume category. 

.Winner 3rd Place 4-7D volume category -5/2019

- Ultimate Lash & Brow Congress and Contest Online Competition Winner: 

.1st Ombre lashes; 

.2nd Senior Soft Look; 

.3rd Male lashes category 

-5/2019 Lash Global By Angel Wings, Canada Winner: 

.1st Volume 4-5D category 

-6/2019 Oscars Online Lash Competition 2019, UK Winner:

. 1st Fantasy Lash Art Master level; 

.3rd Ombre Volume Lash Master Level 

-9/2019 NYC Lash Cup USA Winner:

. 3rd Kimk Lashes 

-10/2019 Lash Boss Championship Viro Winner: 

.2nd Henna Brows 

-10/2019 Artistic Lash League Awards Winner: 

.Lash Artist Of The Year 2019 Award 

-10/2019 Lash Inc – Lash Artist of The Year Contest 2019, UK Winner:

. 1st Megavolume Grand Master level; 

.2nd Fantasy Lash Art: -11/2019

 Asian Lash Cup Germany Winner: 

.3rd Fantasy Lash Art;

. 3rd Classic lash Expert level. 

-12/2019 Fantasy Lash Art Competition UK Winner: 

.3rd Fantasy Lash Art Expert Level 

-12/2019 Best Of The Best Lash & Brows Competition Nederland 2019 Winner: 

.1st Colored Lashes;

. 3rd Fantasy Lash Art:

 -1/2020 Cristel Lash Champ Finland Winner:

. 1st 2-3D volume Pro-level; 

.3rd M/L volume Pro-level; 

.2nd 5/6D volume Pro-level: 2nd Fantasy lash art;

. 3rd Lashlift Master level.

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